I Almost Forgot to Pick Up Some Gifts for My Family on My Trip to Canada

I had to go to Canada to work out some issues our main corporate office was having with data sharing with our offices in Canada. We had offices in two buildings in the same block. Their IT specialists were trying to track down a problem with the small server farm, and they asked me to come up and help. I had never been out of the country, and I had to get papers to get out and back in. I promised my wife and two children I would get them something, and I shopped at the Calgary duty free stores on the day I was leaving to come back home.

I felt so embarrassed for forgetting to take some time to find a unique gift from Canada for each of them before getting to the airport. It completely slipped my mind. Continue reading →

A Sweet Ride After the Vows

I was so happy when my daughter told me that she had finally been asked by her boyfriend to become his wife. I knew he was going to ask her, but it took him a few years before he did. He wanted to finish college and get established before proposing, which is one of the reasons why they decided to pay for their own wedding. My husband and I still wanted to do something special for them, so I decided to look into the cost of a Toronto party bus.

I knew that they were going to have a huge wedding party, and I thought it would be a fun way to provide transportation for all of them. Continue reading →

My Sister Needed Cheering Up

When my sister got divorced, I was really worried about her. All of us could tell she was better off without her husband, but she thought that she was still in love with him. She fell into a depression that I was bound and determined to make sure she crawled out of. When I saw her making her first jokes, I knew that she was finally seeing the daylight. I wanted to do something really special for her so I looked into Toronto party bus rentals. I figured that if a group of her friends could show her a fun night on the town, she would be on her way to finding herself again.

I wanted to get a party bus because I knew that it would be a night where no one would want to take responsibility for driving. We were planning on having as many drinks as it took to make her realize she no longer needed him. I really didn’t want to go clubbing or even go to one of our houses, because it had to be neutral territory. Continue reading →

TRAVEL NORTH – 17: Roseberry Moor Tour, Newton to Hutton Lowcross and back, the hard way

You are rewarded – after a steep climb from Newton-under-Roseberry’s car park – with views across to the south-west of the westernmost Cleveland Hills, to the north of Barnaby Moor in the middle distance, and to the east of Guisborough Moor. Further north, over Barnaby Moor, you will catch a glimpse of the North Sea. On descending to the east you should find the going a lot easier than the climb from the north-east. It is a ‘moderate’ walk, one that older children and teenagers would appreciate and enjoy thoroughly. On this walk you will come across the Hanging Stone. Nothing to do with executions. It is a feature reckoned to be of modern man’s endeavours to gain from the earth’s store of minerals.

From the car park by the A173 turn right onto Roseberry Lane, a slight incline that gradually steepens and will ease you into the climb ahead. Follow the lane to Newton Wood, up the stepped path and bear left to the edge of the trees before turning sharp right along the steeply inclined inset stone path. This brings you to the summit of Roseberry Topping – Odinsberg in the early Middle Ages when the Danes first ruled this part of Northumbria in the 9th Century. They were later Christianised but it wasn’t until the later Middle Ages that anybody ‘picked up’ on the name.

Take in the air (go on, breathe it in, it won’t cost!), stretch and turn a few times to savour the views, northward to Barnaby Moor and the sea beyond, eastward to Guisborough Moor, south and south-westward to the Cleveland Hills and westward towards Ayton and Stokesley with the Dales in the far distance.

The way down is easier along the east-facing side to the col, rising a little again to Little Roseberry and on to Newton Moor. On passing through a wooden gate bear left on the moor to access Hutton Lowcross Woods over a stile to the left of the gate. Keep straight on along Royston Bank, watching out for fallen trees – some tree felling takes place regularly in these woods – and use the trails in the woods either side of the Forestry track, which can turn into a quagmire after sustained rainfall and forestry vehicles with big wheels and tractor-type tyres regularly come this way! Where the forest track takes a hairpin bend to the right go ahead along a narrow path to the Hanging Stone.

Take in the cracking views of Guisborough, Highcliff Nab and Eston Moor to the north-west (westward of Barnaby Moor, where the ‘Nab’ pinpoints the site of a Roman signal station and overlooks the Tees Bay – see the Hub-page ‘WALK THE MOOR’). Keep a downhill course to another Forestry track and turn right for around 80 yards (25m). Turn left and head onward for a short time to reach a rough grass track, then turn left and at the main junction turn left again.

This track starts to climb. Keep on a grass track to a wooden gate, finally reaching a larger gate that opens onto Roseberry Common. Take the right-hand track. At the next two forks take the right to descend around the foot of Roseberry Topping and back onto Roseberry Lane, back to the car park.

On the east side of the A173 is a public house in Newton-under-Roseberry, the King’s Head Hotel with a view from the rear of Roseberry Topping. To reach the village leave the A19 onto the A172. Passing Stokesley take the A173 off the large roundabout that leads to Great Ayton and Guisborough. Newton straddles the road on the north-east side of Ayton, and the large car park is on the right past the King’s Head. There are toilets in this car park and it would be useful to take advantage of the facilities before you set off. Roseberry Lane leads off one end of this car park.

Nearby, westward, the A171 terminates at a roundabout at Nunthorpe where it joins the A172 to the south of Middlesbrough. The A173 joins the A171 at a roundabout near the western edge of Guisborough. The A171 skirts Guisborough on its way eastward to Whitby over the eastern Moors and nearby the A173 Guisborough-Ayton road touches both the old lifted S&D trackbed where it joined the also lifted Chaloner branch that skirted the north-west side of Guisborough. Both can be seen close to Pinchinthorpe’s old station buildings (the S&D one on the east side and the NER one on the western side of the road bridge that oddly hasn’t been replaced since the line was closed in 1966)!

Guisborough holds a twice-weekly market, and right off the A173 road away from the market place to Skelton is Gisborough Priory (note the different spelling), built by the de Brus family who are related to the present Lord of Annandale, descended from Robert I of Scotland. He holds land around Guisborough and Skelton, having come into it recently when a maiden aunt passed on (you know what they say, ‘what goes around, comes around’). Also nearby is the Newham Grange Leisure Park (01642 300202) and the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum at Marton (01642 311211).

Plan your route by public transport by visiting www.traveline-northeast.co.uk or phone 0870 608 2608. Furthermore there is a small nature park close to the old S&D station building (now a private residence, as is the NER station building – accessed under the bridge – and the trackbed is walkable for a considerable distance. It’s a pleasant walk, suitable also for pushchairs and wheelchairs, By the roadside is a small car park. There is no charge for parking, and each time I’ve been there has always been space to park.

Greyhound traveling trip learned the hard

Recently I had my first experience traveling on a Greyhound bus. It was a long trip from Knoxville Tennessee to Detroit Michigan. I was not excited about the idea of a long bus ride home after a long visit at my dad’s house. I drove down to Knoxville with my brother to visit my dad. But, my brother had to leave after a few days and my dad wanted me to stay longer so that I could help him with a few things. The plan was for me to stay for a week or two and he was going to buy a plane ticket so that I could get back. My dad told me that the price of a plane ticket was actually cheaper than driving, or at least in the same ballpark.

After much longer than a couple weeks had passed I finally demanded my ticket out of there. I was stranded in Tennessee for so long that the price of plane tickets increased due to the changing travel season. My dad told me that rather than paying $400 for the flight, he would get me a bus ticket and give me the extra cash. That made the trip a little bit better for me, but it was still going to be on a nasty bus home. Although, it isn’t very often that I make $300 a day just for sitting on my behind.

I went to the Greyhound bus station the day before my departure. The man at the Greyhound bus counter suggested that we should arrive 45 minutes before my scheduled 5:55am bus departed so that we could get our luggage checked in. We left my dad’s house at 4 am, stopped for breakfast and made it to the station around 5 am. There were people standing in line to get on the bus, but I figured that the bus would be leaving at 5:55am so why should I get in a line 20 minutes before my departure time. I found out the reason why after my bus left and I had to wait for two hours until the next Greyhound bus heading to Cincinnati arrived.


While I was waiting I asked the guy at the counter what was going on and he assured me that there was a bus arriving that was going to Detroit and Atlanta. The fact that the two cities are in opposite directions didn’t seem to be an issue with him. Luckily for all of the Greyhound passengers the guy at the desk announces the buses over a muffled loudspeaker worse than any drive thru window that I have ever heard. After the announcements all of the passengers look at each other and ask if anyone heard what they said, most of the time no one knows what is going on. It makes it even harder to hear the announcements when crazy people are pacing around the station rapping to themselves. To confuse matters even further the bus drivers come to the Greyhound station doors, and rather than telling everyone the city that their bus is traveling to, they mention a route number that doesn’t appear on the Greyhound bus tickets. So it becomes a complete guessing game for all of the Greyhound passengers. I just went up to the bus driver and made sure that the bus was going where it was supposed to be going. It seemed like their routes were changing at each station as the bus drivers decided which bus was going where.
The Greyhound bus toilet was a constant source of a foul odor on our trip.
The Greyhound bus toilet was a constant source of a foul odor on our trip.

Once I got on the bus I had to share my seat with a fellow traveler. The seats aren’t too bad, but they get uncomfortable after a while. The Greyhound travelers were friendly and respectful towards everyone else. I expected things to be much worst, but most people were just trying to sleep as we traveled. One big problem was the bathroom on the bus. I did not use it, but I sure could smell it and it was awful. It was kind of an outhouse kind of smell for the first leg of my trip. Since I was seated near the rear of the bus, I think that the smell was worse than the smell at the front of the bus.

TIP 2: Sit near the front of the bus. There is a better chance of sitting by yourself and it will not smell as bad.

My Greyhound bus ticket told me that we were making two stops. One stop in London, Kentucky and one stop in Cincinnati, Ohio. Then our final stop was in Detroit, Michigan. I was wondering why the ticket had 6 hours of traveling in Ohio since I can drive to Cincinnati in 4 hours without speeding. I found out once we started traveling. It seems that Greyhound doesn’t list all of their stops on the tickets. They only list a few of the stops. My ticket listed 4 cities, but we actually stopped at about 8 different cities. It was kind of nice to get out and stretch my legs, but adding 6 hours of traveling time to the trip isn’t worth the stretch.

My one hour lay over in Cincinnati turned into 10 minutes of standing in the connecting bus line. So any plans of eating lunch there disappeared. Greyhound wasn’t doing very well on my trip when it came to staying on schedule. I wasn’t complaining though. After my 2 hour delay in Knoxville, I was happy to get on a bus out of Cincinnati that was heading in the right direction. I tried to call my ride home and let them know that the bus was going to be at least 1 hour late, but all of the phones at the stations were out of order. It was one of those rare times where I wished that I still had a cell phone. By the time we made it to a station with working phones my ride was already on its way to pick me up. So they had to wait an hour in a half for me to get there.

Best iPad Air, iPad Mini External Hard Drive Storage

After buying Apple’s new iPad Mini or iPad Air, many folks would be looking for a top rated external hard drive ( HDD ) which act as a reliable extended memory storage solution for your precious tablet. Mini and 4th generation Apple tablet comes with limited storage options i.e 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. You can’t extend storage capacity of your iPad by using SD card because it doesn’t support it. Moreover, you can’t connect USB 2.0 or 3.0 directly to it. These drawbacks make you wonder that what are the ways around these obstacles?

Fortunately, there are some working storage solutions in the market which use wireless data transfer technology or Apple Camera Connection Kit for USB interface and these products work without any jailbreak method. Here, we’re going to review the best external hard drives for iPad Mini, Air, iPad 4, 3, 2 and the original iPad.
Seagate Wireless Plus Portable External Hard Drive For iPad

Seagate Wireless Plus is an ultimate storage option for those people who love to watch movies and TV Shows, listen to music, view photos and documents on their Apple tablet. With 500 GB, 1TB and 2TB capacity options, it can seamlessly stream your huge media library wirelessly over WiFi network. Keep in mind that you don’t need a WiFi network, hotspot or Internet connection to view documents or to watch media files because it has its own wireless network. You can stream 3 different movies or other content over Wi-Fi simultaneously to 3 iPads.

This is specially a great product for people who travel a lot or those who stay away from home for longer duration. Just copy your favorite media and important documents from PC or Mac to Wireless Plus via USB cable and stream it wirelessly on your tablet.

The best feature in this product is the ability to work with almost any device that’s WiFi enabled such as laptops, Android phones, tablets, iPhone, iPod Touch and more. It comes with 10 hours battery life which will be more than enough for many people specially when they are travelling.

With Wireless Plus, you’ll also get USB 3.0 adapter with removable USB 3.0 cable, compact wall adapter with retractable pins, USB to DC cable, quick start guide and warranty.

This iPad and iPad Mini external hard drive has many features. No Internet or WiFi connection is required while using it. You only need a WiFi enabled Smartphone or tablet like iPad to connect to the hard drive. There is no need to hook up USB. It works with almost every WiFi enabled device via browser or iPad optimized Seagate media app. You can stream data to up to three devices at the same time. It gives you ability to connect to a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot to surf the Internet. You can also Connect to PC or Mac via USB cable.

Price: Check On Amazon
Kingston iPad External Hard Drive Storage
Kingston iPad External Hard Drive Storage
Kingston Wi-Drive 64 GB USB 2.0 Pocket-sized Portable Storage

Kingston’s Wi-Drive is a great pocket-sized storage solution for your Apple tablet. It works with number of iOS and Android Smartphones and tablets including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Amazon Kindle Fire. It creates its own local Wireless network to connect to your tablet. Wi-Drive has the ability to store any file type, but playback and viewing is based on the files that are supported by your device. You can use third party apps to overcome this limitation.You can also transfer files from the Wi-Drive to your device if you want to store some important file locally.

Wi-Drive App for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire is available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. You will be able to transfer data from PC/Mac to the Wi-Drive using the USB cable. No Internet or WiFi connection is required. It is Compatible with Apple devices, Android and Kindle Fire. Kingston’s Wi-Drive rechargeable battery provides very decent 4 hours battery usage. You can access it simultaneously from three devices. It can act as a bridge to extend Wi-Fi connection.

How to See Street View in Google Earth using iPad,iPhone & PC

Google Earth’s popuraltiy skyrocketed ever since they introuduced street view facility. You can visit any street of the world with just a few click. This post aim to help you to see street view in your PC or mobile phones. Rememebr that for each device( let it be a laptop, ipad, iphone or android ), you need to follow specific set of intructions in order to see streebe level images.

No matter which device you want to use to seet street view, you have to follow to generic steps:

install the Google Earth.
Enable Street view

Backgound : before showing you how to find a street view in Google earth, let me explain a little history of this stunning earth viewing software. Google earth is a virtual globe map, which is equipped with necessary geographical statistical data and videos of our planet earth. Initially it was known as earth viewer, designed by keyhole Inc. In 2004 Google acquired keyhole, Inc. and since then Google has been developing this software. Many people around the world use Google earth to learn about streets and addresses of foreign places. Before visiting a new place, you can easily get an overview of the place and also can find any particular street-view along with details geographical data – mostly tourists use it before traveling to a new place.

Not many people know that there are some other versions of Google Earth apart from the free edition available to anyone on Internet. The commercial versions of Google Earth is known as- Google Earth Pro and Google Earth Enterprise (the most advanced version). Of course, these two products have some extra features and functions, over then free edition, for viewing any particular street of our planet.
How to enable street view in Google Earth?

Both Google Earth and maps offer street view.If you like to see street photos in Google Earth version 6, then you must enable it by dragging the pegman icon on your map-that is all you need to do to see street view of your places.
How to see Street view in iPhone,iPad?

For iPhone,iPad,iPod users willing to enjoy street view features need to download the mobile Google Earth version at first by going at : Google Earth Mobile . Once you visit this page you will see a download link that will direct you to iTunes page.Just download the iTune 10.If you already has iTunes, then click on the tab “I already have iTunes” and start downloading Google Earth app for free.Once you finised downloading and installing this app, you can use steet view feature the way you see it in your Laptop or PC.

Villas In Blanes – Epitome Of Perfect Lifestyle

The town of Blanes is blessed with perfectness and versatility. The area is endowed with different kind of beaches, small inviting coves and alternating rocky cliffs. The term is aptly situated at the bottom of Mount Sant Jone, just beside the sea. The town is known for the generosity people have and friendship they have been offering to visitors and international residents from years. The lovely atmosphere the place bears and the deep blue color of Mediterranean Sea are an added advantage for those who are seeking to buy a villa or any other property in Blanes. Maintaining its audacity, this small fishing town attributes to latest modern facilities and a broad range of entertainment. All this make Blanes the right place to reside and relax.

Blanes have villas with exceptional waterfront and fabulous sea views with benefit of exceptional facilities all around. Having a villa in this town of folklore and history is like living on cloud nine. Villas present in Blanes present admirable picturesque sceneries. Living in these villas will make you accumulate some very fine moments that you will be able to cherish throughout life.

We have exceptional villas for those who want entertainment as a very important aspect of their living. These villas are situated in the colorful streets of Blanes where pageants and local fiestas are always happening to keep you in high spirits. Blanes is a perfect place to buy a villa if you are looking for a place with exuberant natural scenery that you have never seen before. Blanes have great botanical gardens.

A lot of people look for buying a villa in Blanes because the place is perfect for spending a great holiday time. With easy access to private beach, markets, and great restaurants people are naturally attracted to the place. One can have great time in Blanes while parasailing, jet skiing, fishing, deep sea diving and so on. The people who don’t like to venture out much can simply relax inside the villa that has a private swimming pool and enough space so that they can enjoy the sunshine. These villas are well equipped from inside and outside.

Villas that are present in the vicinity of nature are perfect for honeymoon couples or for those couples who want to re-imbibe their romance. Blanes is very much known for a firework festival that takes place mostly in the month of July. It is biggest kind of firework festival that takes place in Spain or for that matter even in Europe.

Our website will be a great help for you whether you are planning to resale your property or wanting to buy a villa so that you can rent it out for visiting tourists. Whatever your priorities and wants are, we can furnish the most provocative deal for you and realize your dream of owning a villa of your choice.

Great Information On Cheap Cruises

Cheap cruises still have all the luxuries that an expensive one would have. What a great way to get in some one on one time to relax or treat the better half to a birthday or wedding anniversary. With an ocean view at one’s foot it is extremely hard not to unwind from everyday stresses. Many folks take advantage of the fantastic services like in cabin spa services.

The cost of a cruise can be realistically priced if the individual were to make reservations months in advance or took advantage of off season cruises. This is a very smart way of getting one’s monies worth for those who like a great bargain.

One of the greatest features of any cruise ship is the tremendous amounts of food that is available free of cost. So one could eat as much or as little as one desires. The best part is everyone is getting four to five star meals that is part of the package when participating in a cruise.

Packing is normally not fun for anyone but if one were packing for a getaway like a cruise, packing becomes a joy. A golden rule of thumb for any trip would be to include basic necessities like a pair of comfortable shoes, an all weather type of coat and a pair of comfy pants.

This will vary from trip to trip but if there is a flight involved then packing becomes a bit more frustrating due to nine eleven security within the airports. Taking a few extra minutes to give a call to double check and see just want the rules might be will take away some of the stress that comes with travelling these days.

Cheap cruises can be shorten to three days to be cost effective and for those that are limited on time. This could also be a great way to test the waters to see if one would even want to spend extended amounts of time on the waters.

Travel Photography: Traveling With Gear

There is a mind numbing amount of considerations when packing for your photography trip. Such as which lenses you will need, how you are going to store your photos and how you are going to carry it all around. Then there’s the pleasure of getting it all past the ever tightening luggage restrictions of airlines. A little forethought and planning can help make sure you don’t get stuck without essential equipment and aren’t burdened by what you don’t need.

The gear
Perhaps the most obvious consideration is the camera and lenses. If you have planned your itinerary already you will have an idea of the types of shots you want to take. If you haven’t, stop what you’re doing right now and do this first. Once you know what photos you want to take, you can decide on the lenses that will best help you take them. Thinking landscapes? Then don’t be without your wide angle lens. Intimate portraits? Maybe a mid range zoom would be useful.

If you are debating taking a spare camera body then don’t. Debate that is. Pack it. The last thing you need is for your camera to be stolen or break while on the road. You might not be able to find a repairer, and if you do they might not be able to fix it on the spot. That would be the end of your photo taking adventure right there. Don’t learn the hard way for the sake of a little extra weight.

Then there are all the accessories that may or may not come in handy. Should you pack that set of neutral density filters? Again, think of the types of photos you will be taking. If its landscapes, then yes, by all means put them in. If its portraits they are probably just going to take up space. This goes for the tripod as well. Usually, travel portraits are taken hand held, usually with abundant light. Landscapes however tend to be early morning or late afternoon.

Once you’ve figured out what your going to need to take your pictures, you need to put some thought into how to store them. Should you take your laptop, a portable hard drive or two, a bag full of memory cards or all of the above? How much storage you will need depends on how long your stay is and how much shooting you’ll be doing. A laptop is useful if you need to view images as you go, or want to do some editing back at the hotel room. But if not, its just one more expensive piece of equipment you need to worry about. Leave it at home. Some portable hard drives have a viewing screen so you can review your photos as you upload them, which can be handy to see if you have the shot you want and gives you the chance to go back and try again if you missed it.

As a rule, it is a good idea to have two copies of your images as hard drives are notorious for failing at inopportune times. If you have a good supply of memory cards, backup to a portable drive and store the used cards is a separate place.

Getting it around
There are a few different options for carrying your gear around with you at a location. Shoulder bags tend to be able to hold a large amount of gear, but have the disadvantage of all the weight hanging off one shoulder. These bags are a good choice if you don’t have to do too much walking, but carrying gear around like this for days can do serious damage to your back.

Backpacks have the advantage of distributing the weight evenly, making them ideal for locations where you will be doing a lot of walking. Many of them also have the extra benefit of not looking like camera bags and so tend not to draw as much attention.

Many considerations go into packing for a photography trip. But think it through and take the gear that suits the style of photography you want to do and the place you are going and it will allow you to focus more on what is around you when you get there, rather than trying to decide which lens to use and missing the shot altogether.

A Tip For Success In YTB Travel MLM

This evening I spoke with a great lady with such a delightful, outgoing personality, we’ll call her ‘Sheryl.’ Sheryl contacted me looking for help in her YTB Travel MLM business and said she didn’t know how to recruit. With such a great phone presence, she certainly wasn’t shy. I asked her why she got into YTB Travel in the first place.

She said she was originally involved with another MLM company and, as much as she enjoyed their products, she really loves traveling and that’s all she’s ever really wanted to do. When she recently found the YTB Travel MLM business, it was a no-brainer.

So, I tested her faith a little further… I said, “Sheryl, let’s say I told you to drop your life right now and simply give everything to me. I want you to get on a plane and you can go travel the world anywhere and everywhere you want on my dime for the rest of your life. You will have no money, no property, no belongings, and no home, but I will cover your travel costs, food, etc. How would you feel about that?”

I felt her heart skip a beat at the mere thought.

“It would be Heaven,” she said. “Then, you’ve picked the right business for you because you have a true passion for what you’re doing,” I told her. That’s the first step – and the most important in my book. Too many people get into their MLM business for the wrong reasons. Often times they’re sweet-talked into joining someone’s MLM only to ‘help out a friend’ or family member in the blind hopes it will lead to huge income… which is always the wrong reason to join a business.

If you’re like Sheryl, you may find this hard to believe, but not everyone views traveling with the same passion, even though almost everyone enjoys traveling at one time or another for business or vacation. However, there are still 10’s of thousands of people who share those same passionate dreams of a life of traveling bliss like Sheryl, but you must seek them out.

As much of a no-brainer as this may appear, the important concept to be successful in your YTB Travel MLM business is to not have the mindset of simply trying to blindly recruit every warm body who comes within shouting distance who may have once thought of taking a cruise through the Florida Keys.

Wanting a discount on airfare is one thing. Wanting to build a business is clearly another.

These are NOT your YTB Travel business builders.

Maybe they’ll be your customers… some day… maybe! Probably not.

To find out their passions, you’ve got to qualify your prospect first – ask questions about how they feel about traveling. They’ll tell you. If they’re not crazy about it like you – next! …and shut up. Don’t try to convince someone they should get into the travel world if they aren’t interested. Why? You’re wasting you’re time talking to the wrong people.

I’ve met SO many people like Sheryl it’s incredible. Too many new YTB Travel RTA’s are so busy trying to convince (sweet-talk) their friends and family to join their YTB Travel downline (because it’s what they’ve been taught) they’re missing out on all the other people who would genuinely LOVE to join, but never heard of YTB Travel.

Did you catch the part about how Sheryl has always loved traveling, but only RECENTLY found YTB Travel? There’s THOUSANDS of people like Sheryl out there! She didn’t join in the hopes of making great money (although, she really wants to make money, too).

If you’re like Sheryl, or even close, first, you need to think about YOUR lifestyle now and understand that other people who think like you are in a similar situation as you, because they want the same things you want. So, you need to learn to attract like-minded people, instead of wasting your time trying to force and convince people who really are not interested.

Think about YOU for a minute: What’s your lifestyle like? What kind of job do you have? Where do you hang out? What kind of food do you like? Where do you like to shop? Why do you shop there? What kind of TV shows do you watch? Start looking in these area for like-minded people.

Sure, you might have one friend that shares your travel passions, and, if so, they’ll be the RARE exception.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/856673

Africa Holiday Travel – 4 Important Guidelines For Your Planning

Holiday destinations in Africa have grown tremendously over the last decade. Many countries have taken steps to develop holiday and vacation spots to compete in the ever-competitive field of attracting visitors. The demand for a wider variety of travel destination is also growing.

And as the demand grows the potential travelers are also becoming more adventures. More people are willing to travel far and wide and to experience cultures. They want to experience the unknown, learn and enjoy new things that may be very different from what they are used to. Africa offers this kind of opportunity to many holidaymakers.

For those considering a holiday trip to Africa, it helps to have a fair idea of what type of experience you would be looking for. Many people do a lot of research, including talking to friends who may have traveled to Africa before. The Internet is also a source of information on various destinations – African included. Some travel agents still print hard copy travel brochures that you can order and use in making your decisions.

Whatever your source of information is, there are guidelines that would make your planning easier. I recommend 4 important steps that will do exactly that:

Set Your Budget
Your holiday budget will have a heavy bearing on your eventual choice of destination. Obviously, luxurious hotels and designer hotels charge higher for their services. This may be justified in the quality of services offered or the exclusivity of the product. What the case may be, setting the budget is an important step in the process of planning any vacation. Other elements of the entire vacation, for example, the cost of the airfare, should be a big consideration.

Decide on the Vacation Theme
It is always easier to start choosing your holiday destination if you have a rough idea of the theme or setting you would like to experience. Africa is as diverse as the different countries and regions. And each region may offer something totally different from the other. Decide whether to seek the sandy beaches of a beautiful coast, the adventure of a wild African safari, historical or archaeological monuments, the twilight experience of the city, or the snowy peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro or Mt Kenya. This will save you time, if not money.

Decide on the Destination
The next step is to settle for a destination. This will be determined by theme of your travel. Wildlife safari seekers would like to consider Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, and Tanzania etc as a possible destination. Desert adventurers may consider Namibia; lovers of history and culture will consider Egypt and Ethiopia.

Choose Your Dates of Travel Carefully
You will want to choose the dates of travel carefully. Some African destinations offer lower or higher pricing depending on the season of travel. You may wish to take advantage and travel when the price is low. Most wildlife safari destinations do this. Besides the pricing factor, weather conditions at specific times of the year make it difficult to enjoy – the place may be too hot, too wet, too windy etc. In some cases even roads become impassable. And in the case of wildlife viewing safaris, the vegetation and bushes are too high, making it impossible to spot the animals.

Whatever your holiday plans, when they eventually materialize, make sure you pack the right things, keep your travel documents and other items safe.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4103101