A Boost in Motivation with a Promise

The local kids hockey team had been on a losing streak for a while, and they were feeling pretty down about it. I thought that a little motivation would help them win, so I promised the kids that if they won the next game, they would get a pizza party and a ride on the Toronto party bus limo. As soon as they heard this, the kids went to the rink to practice their shots. It was like one of those inspirational sports movies where the kids go through a training montage and get ready for the big game against the opposing team.

The kids worked so hard that they didn’t want to leave. When their parents came to pick them up, the kids kept asking for 5 more minutes of practice time. They came back early the next day to practice some more. On the day of the game, the team had the look of a group of kids who were ready to take on the world. They rushed up and down the rink and passed like I had never seen them pass before. They scored the first goal of the game within the first 5 minutes of playing.

The kids shut out the other team, beating them by 5 points. They all ran to me at the end of the game and tackled me down to the ground in excitement. We still had so many games to play during the rest of the season, but to us, this felt like the most important one. The party bus was waiting outside, ready to take us to the pizza restaurant. The kids were amazed at the bus, as if it were some kind of space ship. They ate as much pizza as their little stomachs could handle, and they went home to gloat to their parents.