Astral Travel Techniques and Lucid Dreams

Astral travel is the method of leaving one’s physical body and making a journey to the astral planes by his or her astral body. The astral plane is a dimension of much higher vibration than the earth plane. According to experts, astral projection is one of our natural qualities which we all had during our childhood and which we lose as we grow up. Still, every adult is making astral voyages while sleeping. But the person is unaware of it at most times as at that time, our physical body is simply resting.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dream, on the other hand, is the incident where one becomes aware that he/she is sleeping and dreaming. It is just a play of our logical and subconscious minds where we often cannot tell the differences between being awake and sleeping. For example, a lucid dreamer may wake up in the morning, get ready for work and actually leave for his office only to wake up in the bed later. Lucid dreaming is a scientific process and does not really need the dreamer to sleep to occur. Thus there are 2 kinds of lucid dreams: Dream initiated lucid dreaming (DILD) and wake initiated lucid dreaming (WILD).

Differences between Astral voyage & Lucid Dreaming

Both of these incidents are ways where one can one can gain access to the astral realm, though lucid dreaming is not the same out of body experience (OBE) as astral travelling. In case of lucid dream, one is in control and in charge of how the experience is going to be, but in the case of the other, people are not controlling their own experience; but just merely exploring the details of the new world. So in astral projection, one is bound by himself, while in the other one if totally free and is at his creative best.

Differences between Astral Travel & Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is the process of seeing another place and time while being at his own place and time. The difference with astral voyage is here one does not need to leave his/her physical body as opposed to other. Remote viewers are on the same ‘earth’ plane while astral travelers are on the ‘astral’ plane.

Techniques for Astral projection

Astral traveling is best accomplished by some techniques, which are useful because sometimes it is too hard to experience it without any of them. Although anyone can learn this skill, like any other skills it is easier for some than other. Astral silver cord is the most popular technique where one has to visualize (not the cord) that he/she is climbing it to get into higher places with their imaginary hands.

Other astral travel techniques include roll out technique (imagining that one is being pulled out from his/her physical body), anchor technique (imagining a familiar object to be at any place and to move it with your thoughts). All these techniques are to be done while relaxed.

It helps to practise these techniques while in bed in dark. It is mandatory to let go of your fear and anxiety and be relaxed. Having patience is another tip from the astral travel guide.

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